Aero DR

Aero DR

Aero DR 14x17

Combo Sigma

Combo Sigma

Radiografía Computarizada (CR)

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The first printing time is about 50 seconds. With the world's fastest dash speed, this imager can print 10 sheets of 14"×17" -size film within 4 minutes. The sufficient recording capacity exerts its power for usual modalities as well. The excellent stability provides high-quality images.


Network functions designed for open and flexible environments.

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Unit System PrintlinkIII Series Accommodate Imager Network Environment

The Printlink III print management system ca convert image signal (video / digital / network) output from modalities to image data that compiles with worldwide standard DICOM 3.0 (Print Management Service Class).




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  • Sharp, clear images are assured by optimized control of image tones for CT, MRI, and other image modalities.
    Special new anti-halation technology increases image sharpness.
  • Designed for linear gradations from low-through high-density areas, SD-P/SD-PC delivers excellent diagnostic clarity in the processed image.
  • Daylight packaging makes the film easy to handle.(Film is available in the following sized, 14×17inch(35x43cm), 14x14inch(35x35cm), 11x14inch, 125 sheets per box.)
  • The film is available in a vivid blue or clear base type, to allow selection of the appropriate film for the application.


DRYPRO MODEL 832ElDRYPRO832impresora lásersecaes algo más queuna impresora compacta. Ofreceuna excelente productividad, que cuenta conun tiemposin precedentespara la primera impresiónde 50segundos yel apoyodecincotamaños de película-. Desde14X17enal8X10enesteespecificacióncompleta, "mesa", impresora láserno sacrificael rendimiento ola versatilidad..


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El DRYPRO SIGMA da salida a las películas de hasta 45 hojas (14x17 ") por después de la imagen se ha impreso desde ImagePilot DRYPRO SIGMA tiene cuatro tipos de películas disponibles, que pueden trasladarse en base a las necesidades del usuario.


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